Good afternoon Aqua families, welcome to another chilly day.

Today, Madeleine started her day by doing some Ballet to some soft music, whilst Alegria, Sophia B. and Joey spent their morning reading some books.

Iris decided to go to work with her baby whereas Elizabeth decided to cook some breakfast for Matilda so that she can reach work on time. It was lovely watching the children imitating the adults behavior and interpreting their imaginations via pretend play.

Anneliese and Madeleine had fun creating their own band and playing music.

In learning centre, the children sang their good morning songs and read some stories. The children continued to explore the Aqua Jungle and jungle animals and some children enjoyed pretend play with the dinosaurs.

Some participated in drawing some jungle animals and some manipulated play dough and created 3D versions of their imaginations.

And Today we are wishing our beautiful Sara a happy birthday for today. We enjoyed celebrating your birthday with you today and are looking forward to watching you grow.

We all had a good day today and stayed warm inside. Hope you all had a good day today too.

Have a good evening.

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