A rainy afternoon everyone! Although our space has been limited because of the rain, children still had a great time participating in variety of experiences.

The Possum Group had plenty of sensory experiences and role plays. Some children chose to explore the playdough and pretended to sell cupcakes in a shop. Shona, Arya, Ava and Arya made cupcakes that Oli and Jack sold later on. Afterwards, some chose to engage in building and construction and were sharing resources as they focus on their own structures. They were also engaged in conversations as they went on, sharing their thoughts and ideas to each other.

Joshan and Jack also enjoyed painting as they drew inspiration from an Aboriginal dreamtime story that they read.

The Kookaburra Group on the other hand, were so busy working on their water cycle project. The children decided to make a display for their artwork so everyone had their hands busy contributing to the activity. They have also shared great ideas to Arturo and made decisions as a group.

The Platypus Group had a great discussion about “The World Environment Day” and begun to learn about how our activities affect the planet and also the ways we can do to take care of the environment. Children drew ideas from previous discussions, and they still remember things such as; using two sides of paper, saving trees, avoid wasting food and more. They have put all these ideas on their trees that they will remember as their contribution to preserving our nature.

Have a lovely afternoon!

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