We started cold Thursday morning with Yoga. We stretched and made many animal poses. We also stretched high to touch the sky as well as jogged on the spot. After warming up, the children were engaged in water painting. Water painting activity was sett in the outdoor where children develop their imaginative skills of creating new arts. They explored different colors, mix them, and made beautiful creations.

Children had their progressive morning tea and which was followed by the self-selective play. During the group time children discussed about animals and nature. Following up the group time, children were engaged playing with pipe cleaner and sand sieve. Children were encouraged to make their own animals using pipe cleaners and sand sieve. During this activity, we recorded some of the responses from children.

Olivia, Kavya, Isabelle, Alice – I made a rainbow spider.

Isla – I make a big jelly fish.

Thomas- I saw rainbow spider on weekend.

Isabella, Emmeline- I made an octopus.

Charlotte- I am making special fish which nobody knows.

Levi: I made lion.

Luca: I am making Shark which has blue colour.

We also practiced lock down drill and discussed the importance of it with children. Following up with the Reconciliation week, children were engaged in dot painting in Aboriginal art paintings. They were looking at the aboriginal art book and us their own creativity to draw on paper. They also used glue and branches to stick on the edge of paper to make frame. While drawing on paper and making frame, children were discussing about meaning of colors in Aboriginal culture. All children were engaged in social play with teacher by sharing and respecting indigenous culture of our country.

During the self-selective time children were engaged in different learning experiences such as magnet play, making train tracks, literacy, and numeracy activity through alphabets.

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