It was a beautiful Friday and all the children enjoyed engaging in the self-selective plays. Georgia and Henry enjoyed the breakfast and each other’s company. Likewise, Iris started her day by imitating to become a teacher and did group time with her peers. All her friends listened to her very well.

Isla enjoyed manipulating play dough and interpreted her imagination of rainbow kookaburra into 3D model.

Isabel was engaged in cutting experience to facilitate her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, Amelia enjoyed painting Giraffe.

During the learning centre time, children enjoyed listening and singing songs with Durshi and Komalpreet. They exhibited good listening skills and were concentrated.

In the outdoors, children loved meeting Sniffle after a long time. Children demonstrated care for nature by giving gentle pat to him and using inside voices.

Pasha “It is black and white.”

Alegria “its eyes are dark like me!”

Molly and Annabel mentioned Sniffle to be soft and fluffy.

We also celebrated Amelia’s Birthday. Happy Birthday to Amelia. We wish you best for your upcoming days. -Love Aqua.

All our Aqua friends enjoyed their day by engaging in various activities.

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