After rainy day on Thursday, sun is finally shinning out. In early morning children got to water the plants and fed chicken and Guinea pig. Children were excited to play in the deck and sand pit after finishing their morning tea. Through transition songs, children were called on the mat for group time. On the mat, children discussed about existence of dinosaurs and how they disappeared. Most of the children suggested that dinosaurs disappeared because they could not get enough food and space to live on earth. Moreover, we talked about world environment day which is on Saturday. Children suggested proper use of resources to save the environment and planet. They linked human with dinosaurs saying, clean the mess otherwise it hard to get everything just like dinosaurs. They constantly communicated with their friend and teacher about saving environment. It shows the sense of belonging and respect towards their environment.

After splitting into groups(indoor/outdoor), Arturo gathered children to teach them about clouds and their nature. Children helped him with cutting the cloud shaped structure to stick on the glass window. During the activity, they were discussing about rain and its whole process. Children actively engaged in exploration of clouds, rain, and the whole process. During the learning experience, children learnt about cognitive skills, cooperative play connecting their clouds with friends, gross and fine motor skills by setting and pasting pictures. Additionally, children were making small pores on the paper for rain to fall and show it to the teacher. They showed their consciousness about factor affecting rain, clouds and how can we control sudden change in nature.

Similarly in outdoor environment children were discussing about World Environment Day and what can we do to protect our environment. Children discussed their thoughts saying planting trees, cleaning up mess, not doing mess, less use of plastics, managing waste and so on. For celebration of World Environment Day children developed tree on the piece of paper using glitters, textures, and glue. They created trees and explained about using different coloured glitters on it. They develop their interdependence and learning disposition to draw their imagination into real papers.

Children were also engaged in construction through blocks, Legos, and magnets. They learnt about balancing blocks, balancing the cups to make giant structure. They enjoyed playing in the sand pit with cars and making sandcastle.

When the sun is shinning brightly outside, children had a bit of run using chubby house, climbing frame and soccer balls. They were engaged in physical movements enhancing their gross and fine motor skills.

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