Welcome to another great week of explorations and discovery here in Burns Bay Cottage.

During the group time in the morning, children were encouraged to revisit the Crimson rules we have made together previously and they have remembered one of the most important things we have discussed, and that is “Respect”. Children gave examples and their ideas on how we can show respect and kindness to one another.

The Kookaburra Group continued to explore “water” and decided to do a similar “float vs sink” experiment. The group had a discussion about their previous learning and shared what they can recall from it so as we continued, everyone was encouraged to get an object to test whether it will float or sink to refresh our memory. Children were amazed on how other object can sink and others, float and at the end, we drew a conclusion that objects that are heavy for their size will sink and the opposite for the lighter things.

The group also did tested the ice and observed how the ice melted into the water. As we went on, they concluded that ice melt because of warm temperature outside the freezer. We also put some coloured water on ice trays and will observe how it will look like after a couple if hours and overnight.

The Platypus Group focused a lot on literacy exercises where they practised identifying rhyming words through storytelling and also gave some examples at the end. Children also practised phonics where they were encouraged to identify the first letter of their names and produce its sound. Afterwards, children directed their own play engaging in some building and construction as well as creative drawing.

The Possum Group has extended their exploration around the country. Their next stop was South Australia. Children listened to the story, ‘Australia Road Trip’ and have also discovered Coober Pedy as they went along. They were amazed on how people can live underground in that place. They moved on to discovering that there are plenty of opal mining in that area and have decided to create their own and paint it.


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