This morning we had a lovely start to our day with yoga in the garden and had morning tea watching the weather change from cloudy to sunny.

During the group time, we sung good morning songs and read stories with Tima. Children have been showing consistent interest in superheros- with Spider man being their favourite. So Tima read a Spider man story. Following their interest, the children were invited to make Spider man mask using coloured pens and red paper. They enjoyed pretend play wearing mask and shooting spider webs on each other. We will continue to extend their interest in such imaginary plays by adding dress ups, props and play materials.

At the play dough table, children made cakes and cup cakes. They copied rolling, puling and pushing actions while making their cup cakes. They also put paddle pop sticks to represent candles and sang Happy Birthday song!

We began the afternoon with meditation and reading before playing some group games such as ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’ and ‘Doggy, Doggy, where’s your bone?’ We had a lovely afternoon tea with all our friends and chatted about the wonderful day we had. Thank you Henry for sharing your PJ Mask with your friends.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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