Happy Monday! We hope you all had a nice weekend.

Our morning started by warming up our bodies; we danced to ‘Frozen’ as requested by the children, then went outside to do some running and jumping. During group time, the children sang ‘Good Morning’, and read some books with Tima. They started learning about letters by writing down the first letters of their names on the white board. They also shared about how they spent their weekend:

Isla: “I went to the doctor”.

Edward: “I went to the park and had hot chocolate”.

Elaria: “I went to beach with my family”.

Levi: “I got a new Paw Patrol hat and went to house. I played whole day and night with my best friend Luca”.

Georgia and Elise: “we went to Isla’s house for play”.

Louis: “I played with my train set with my mummy”.

Alannah:  I went to beach with my family too”.

Leo: “I went on a big slide with my mummy and my brother Massimo”

Addison: “I was at home play inside… Teddy is my friend”.

During learning centre time, the children continued making their snowman with Alejandra, as we talk about Winter and what the change in season means.

Tima read a book named as ’The Things I love the Most’, and the children shared the things they love about themselves.

In the afternoon, some children did meditation, and after that, we went outside and played hide and seek in the yard. During free play, the children chose what they would like to do, including, playing with balls, drawing, playing in the kitchen corner, reading books, making cakes out of play dough, building with Lego, and solving puzzles.

We had a great day today!

See you tomorrow!

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