Hello everyone! Its “World Ocean Day” today and Crimson children have had eye opening discussions about the purpose of the event as well as how we can take part in caring for it.

The Platypus Group had started by reading stories about the sea and other bodies of water. As we went on, children had questions as to why there are some plastics in the oceans and why were there fires in the forests. We looked back at how the bush fires and the flooding that happened in Australia had affected the lives of the people and animals. Children also dug deeper as they find the reason why such things happen in our planet. Moving on, children watched 2 more videos that spoke about the pollution in the water and the vast effects it has on animals and also people. At the end of our discussion, children became aware of how the ocean and the environment reap the consequences of human action. They have also understood that plastic is such a threat to human and wildlife’s future.

To extend this, children made amazing representation of what they have learnt through painting and have shared through open discussions in small groups why and what they have painted.

The Possum Group also had a great time as they read a book, ‘Little Wiggle’. It was followed by lots of construction and building, playdough exploration.

Children also enjoyed role play as they pretend to be fire fighters putting off the fire. Whilst doing so, children branched out driving cars and learning how to park them properly.

Meanwhile, the Kookaburra Group went to the garden to collect things that float and sink. They did a similar experiment as yesterday and had built great understanding of things that “float and sink”. Children had a great time making predictions whether their object will sink or float on the water and were planning to continue on for the rest of the week.


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