Good afternoon dear Aqua Families. Hope you are all having a good day.

We started our morning staying inside. Joey and Henry used their problem-solving skills to solve the puzzle whilst Charlotte and Alegria decided to read books in the book corner.

We also enjoyed scones for their morning tea and it was really tasty. Thank you, Frank.

In group time, all the children actively participated and demonstrated their good listening skills.

Whereas in learning centre time the children participated in decorating and creating their own version of a Queen’s crown with textas and sparkles.

Molly and Isla enjoyed their time taking their babies to the shopping mall and doing some shopping for dinner.

Outside, Celina helped a caterpillar to climb the trees and Nicholas pretended to become a monkey and jumped off the walk boards.

The day was spent really well and all the children kept themselves busy.

Have a good evening and stay warm.

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