Good afternoon, Crimson families! The weather forecast was for rain today, but the sun peeked through and it was a beautiful day. The children were so happy to play in the yard!!!


In the morning, all the children gathered on the mat and took part in a discussion about protecting the oceans, as yesterday was World Oceans Day. The children came up with a variety of ideas, including

– putting rubbish in the bin

– recycling waste

– putting plastic bottle in the right bin

– picking up rubbish when we find it on the beach



After, children were divided into groups.

Kookaburras had a discussion about bird today. Children discovered about their biology, including lifestyle, and food. After, they had a chance to express their idea through craft. Children made birds using paper and feathers. They glued the beaks and drew eyes after cutting out the paper in the shape of a face.


Possums continued to explore South Australia, especially Coober Pedy. To gain a better understanding of what it is like to live underground, children looked at pictures of real houses. The children were quite surprised to find a church and even a swimming pool underground. As we went through the photos, Archie asked question. He said, “Where is the toilet? Poop going underground?”. That’s a very good point. We couldn’t come up with an answer, so we decided to do some research!

The platypus group was exposed to a lot of literacy. The children explored letters and spelt their own names on the light table. The children also enjoyed finding the beads with the letters of their names on them and threading them through the pipe cleaner. In the other area of the room, Maddison, Lily, Ava and Adeline were having a lovely tea time. They were busy setting up the table and enjoyed delicious cakes.


Elliot also enjoyed his time in the yard.


Thank you for the fun Wednesday.

See you tomorrow!!!!!

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