Tuesday is here and we have been busy! The children participated in many activities to expand their development and thinking 😊

Group time and yoga! We love this time in the morning where the children can sit down together and read books and sing songs. Then they enjoy helping get the yoga mats for their friends and take off shoes and socks. Together, we work on our gross motor skills through yoga poses, jumping and stretching!

Today the children were busy exploring sea animals! World Ocean Day is coming up soon and the children have enjoyed discovering sea animals by matching small world animals! We talked about all sorts of sea animals, like dolphins, whales, starfish and crabs!

We checked in on the progress of our seeds that we planted last week and watered them to help them grow 😊

Finger puppets are so much fun! Today the children played with some new puppets from Robyn’s treasure basket and sang songs together. Everyone loved the little frog and made it hop along with their fingers. Together we sang ‘5 Little Speckled Frogs’ and ‘The Frog Song’!!

Today has been a lovely day full of exploration and fun! The children enjoyed playing with playdough and experimenting with foam by mixing in food colouring with paint brushes!

We also celebrated Evelyn’s Birthday at afternoon tea! Everyone sang Happy Birthday and watched as she blew out her candle! Thank you for spending the day with us and sharing your cupcakes!

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