Good afternoon Aqua Families and hope you are all doing well.

We started our rainy day by engaging in indoor activities. Nicholas had fun riding cars inside while Madeleine, Nishka and Henry read books with Nita.

Some of the children had a mini picnic indoors where they ate yummy foods and sang lovely songs.

All the children enjoyed actively participating in group times and listening to stories and singing songs.

Isla and Sara participated in a cutting experience facilitating their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Outside undercover on the balcony in a queens birthday activity the children loved serving high tea to themselves and to their peers.

Alegria enjoyed painting her tea cup and tea pot for the Queen’s Birthday High Tea.

Joey and Annabel loved reading stories and shared some books to each other.

Fit and Funky was a hit today. every child enjoys the session and loves dancing.

All the children enjoyed playing inside and engaging in different learning experiences.

Have a lovely evening and stay warm.

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