Aqua children started their morning by helping Liza to make castle of the queen and further shared about the number of doors and windows of their house.

Isabel “I have two doors in my house.”

Alegria “I have 5 doors and 2 windows.”

Molly “I also have 2 doors in my house.”

Inside, Pasha and Molly got busy in taking care of the babies and taking them outside in the park. And some of them were busy cooking their morning tea.

In learning centre, children enjoyed listening to the story ‘Where is my Teddy’ with Nita and Komalpreet. They depicted good listening skills which helps in enhancing their concentration skills. Moreover, Isla shared her ‘Spot goes on Holiday’ book with all her peers. Thank you, Isla!

Anneliese and Annabel demonstrated good social skills by time making tea and coffee and serving to their peers who were helping Nita to decorate queen’s castle.

Likewise, William, Alegria and Isabel spent their time exploring Jungle animals incorporated with soft dough. The concoction of the dough facilitates children’s fine motor as well as sensory skills.

Henry, Amelia and Isabel developed their curiosity in finding out whose car is the fastest and figured out that Isabel’s car is the fasted one.

In Addition, see saw was a hit today and every child participated and had fun.

Aqua children enjoyed the sunny day today.

Happy Friday and have a lovely long weekend 😊

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