Today, although still cold it’s nice to see the sun out. We used this opportunity before lunch to find the puddles of water and explore the playground after the rain. The children use their physical skills, balancing, jumping and sliding as they manoeuvre themselves over the climbing frame.

Last week was World Environment Day and World Ocean Day. This has provided us a wonderful opportunity to discuss with the children how we can care for the environment and make changes, no matter how small.

They watched a short video on the iPad, of how dumbing our rubbish effects the animals in the ocean, and on land too. Children shared their thoughts:

Edward – Don’t put rubbish everywhere. Fish think it’s food.

Thomas – You put rubbish in the bin.

Maddison – Animals will die, as they cannot breathe.

Ava – Don’t feed plastic to any animal.

Adeline – plastic gets stuck on the face of animals.

Euan – Whales will eat plastic.

Max W – don’t put rubbish in the water.

Teos – It’s hard for animals, they will die. The plastic gets stuck on

the animals face.

The children were also invited to use the water trays and pick the rubbish out with tongs, allowing the sea animals to swim freely.

We have also used our scissor skills to cut a variety of autumn/winter coloured leaves, making an environmental tree.

With the Queens birthday holiday, this Tuesday we have set a high tea in home corner and invited children to make crowns. They are invited to dress up on Tuesday, as we have a High Tea themed day!

Children also enjoyed using the light box today, arranging letters and expressing ‘what does this say’,  as they begin to understand letters carry meaning. Another popular choice was the magnetic tiles where Nicholas, Arda and Edward built a fun house. It had stairs to walk up and across, then down the slide, through the opening in the floor, outside and around in a circuit.

Children have also been developing their independence and self help skills, as they prepare the lunch tables ready for their peers.

‘Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience’. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend.


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