Good afternoon, Crimson families. It was very, very cold today, wasn’t it?? A few children were away today, perhaps feeling unwell in this weather.…. We hope they feel better soon!!


In the morning, some of the children did exercises to start their day. They were very enthusiastic about moving and warming up their bodies.


After, all children were gathered on the mat and had group time. During the discussion, children were reminded of the rules of the Crimson room such as

– using walking feet

– packing away after finish playing

– using a gentle voice

– respecting each other

Due to the bad weather, we could not play outside and it was very cold, the children spent most of the morning indoors. Nevertheless, they engaged in a variety of activities and had a great time.


The home corner was set up as a grocery shop today. Some children enjoyed shopping while others loved to sell goods such as milk, eggs, or butter. The most popular item in the shop was the cupcake!!!! The children were also exposed to numbers as they paid and received the money.

In other learning spaces, an activity to clean up the ocean was set up in honor of World Oceans Day. The children used tongs to pick up plastic rubbish from the water to imitate the ocean. They were happy to clean up the ocean and helping the sea animals.

At the other table, children were busy constructing with Mobilo and Magnetic tiles. They were enthusiastic about creating a house, car park, and driveway.

Also, children didn’t forget to work with letters. To improve their ability to recognize and pre-write letters, the children found the letters of their own names and put them on paper.

It was a very fun day!! See you tomorrow.

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