It was a lovely day in the Emerald room!

Today there were lots of intentionally planned activities. To acknowledge the importance of the World Ocean Day, the teachers planned various activities that were related to the ocean, and its creatures.

We started with the yoga and stretching exercise. The children were encouraged to make yoga poses related to the ocean animals such as turtle, moving arms like an octopus, making star (fish) jumps, side walking like crabs and stretching arms above the head to make shark’s fin. It was fun to see how the children were excitedly following the instructions!

This was followed by the group time, where the children had opportunity to look at the pictures of the ocean animals as well as listen to the stories with underwater creatures in it. Such experiences facilitate their vocabulary and helps them learn so much about the world they live in!

After group time, some of the children spent time matching ocean creature figurines to the picture cards. That was fantastic!

Other children got engaged in painting using ball sponges. They adore the texture of the soft sponge and enjoyed interacting with the art materials.

Last but not the least, Jasmine walked around in the yard singing ‘wheels on the bus’ rhyme and some of the children followed her trail. It was so much fun to watch children following Jasmine’s words and do the actions.

Drawing, dancing, singing and playing in the home corner were all time favourites and most of the children enjoyed engaging in those activities.

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