Good afternoon families and welcome to another cold winter day here in the Magenta room. This morning we started our day off with some inside activities to hide away from the cold some of these activities were play dough, puzzles, reading stories in book corner, rocket ship activities and home corner imaginative play.

After morning tea we put on our coats and jackets and went outside to feel the cool air and talk about how the winter air feels on our faces and hands.

During learning centre time we made a poster to celebrate the ocean day-that we started to talk about on Tuesday. We made ocean play activities and reflected upon how we can take care of our ocean and the animals.

Today we read the story “ The things I love the most” and we reflected through a group discussion on what we love in our hearts.

Charlotte: “ It’s a colourful box where I can keep all my stuff from my birthday and everybody can keep their stuff too in the box and they can take it out when they go home”

Charles ” I like drawing”

Emmeline: “ its my daddy with a love heart”

Leo: “I love my eyes, nose, mouth and my face”

Olivia:” I like to draw a rainbow”

Isabella:” I like colour for rainbow and drawing a rainbow”

Kavya:”I love to play with my mummy, sister and brother”

Alice:’I like running faster and faster”

Isla: I like to go to Charlotte’s birthday party”

Edward: “I love running on the race track”

Thomas:”I love “love heart”

Listening to children’s awesome conversations and extending their knowledge about the world they live in, we enjoyed rest of the afternoon with lots of fun!

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