Happy Friday!

What a lovely Friday we have had here in the Magenta Group!

We had a lovely start to our morning doing some aerobics to warm up our bodies, before heading out for a play in the garden once the morning cool had lifted.

The children have started to discuss the cold weather and we had on informal chat about keeping warm during the cold winter months.

During learning centre time we started group time with a game of ‘WHO IS IT?’, where the children had to identify the picture card held by the another player.

At one table, children were invited to paint dried leaves with bright colours. They were very attracted by the green, yellow, and brown leaves. We talked about leaves in different forms and investigated them by touching with their hands and observing how fragile they are once they are brown.

Some other activities the children today were: playing with magnets, dinosaurs, playing in Home Corner, reading books, playing football.

After lunch we gathered some children for meditation and relaxation of our bodies for few minutes.

See you all on Tuesday – the children are invited to dress up as we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday with ‘High Tea’.                                                                    

We hope you have a lovely long weekend and stay warm.


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