It was a cold morning where children started their day by playing in the yard with different toys and equipment. They were involved in gross motor skills and learn about sharing toys and taking turns as well.

During group time, children learnt about opposite words like big and small, heavy, and light which demonstrated their mathematical skills.

Moreover, Sony extended their learning about how to make our ocean and importance of keeping it clean. Children used tongs to take out the plastic rubbish from the ocean (blue water from tubs) which showed their fine motor skills. She also talked about how littering in the ocean is affecting our environment and sea animals as well.

Magenta group had their Science with Justin today where they learnt about mixing colours in the milk with Shane and Justin.

During the day the children were engaged playing with magnets, in the home corner, reading books, playing football. After lunchtime we did meditation and relaxation of body for few minutes.

All children were exploring in different learning experiences set up indoor and outdoor in the afternoon. They were sharing their toys and learning how to be involved in social play. Overall, all children had fun playing with different learning experiences.

Today was Sony’s last day so Magenta group had a small warm chocolate and marshmallow party. Magenta Group children will dearly miss Sony!

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