Hello, Crimson families. Welcome to another fun week in Burns Bay Cottage. We hope you all had a great long weekend. Of course, the topic of the morning group time was about the long weekend. We were surprised that so many children said they went to the swimming pool. Many children also said that they went to see their grandparents, aunts and uncles and other relatives.


After group time, the children were divided into different groups for their learning centre time.

The Kookaburra group had a great time in the yard. On the mat, children listened to the story about friends and family. The children were discussing how they love their friends and families and how can we be nice to them. But then the conversation turned to the subject of ‘Tea’ as Arturo mentioned that we are having high tea in the afternoon. The children wondered about the meaning of the word ‘Tea’. We say ‘morning tea’, ‘afternoon tea’ and ‘high tea’, but what does ‘Tea’ actually mean? Some of them said it means ‘sweets’, others said it means ‘dessert.


The children of the platypus group were very busy preparing for high tea. They mixed the ingredients and made cupcakes. Because children needed to read and follow the recipe, they demonstrated their literacy and numeracy skills. The cooking experience is also a great way to develop children’s social skills. Throughout the process, children were encouraged to share and turn take while working together as a team. When finished making cupcakes, some of the children were in charge of taking them to the kitchen and asked Chef Frank to bake them.


Possums had taken the opportunity to explore sustainability. Children first took part in the discussion about how can we be kind to the Earth.

Oscar said ‘Clean the house, roads and beaches.’

Isabelle said ‘Pick up rubbish.’

Shona said ‘Recycle.’

Emily said ‘Put rubbish in the bin.

These are all great ideas. After, children were invited to the activity to separate different types of rubbish into red, yellow, blue and green bins.


Thank you for lovey Tuesday. See you tomorrow!!


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