It’s a beautiful day! Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying the sunshine. It’s Science day today so Justin and Shane came to do some baking, giving emphasis on the process from the beginning until the finish product came up.

The Platypus Group as well as some of the Possum group was the first batch to do it whilst the Kookaburra Group came after.

The children were encouraged to follow instructions and listen actively to Justin and Shane as they went on step by step.

Everyone was assisted in stirring the ingredients together and each of them saw how changes occur when mixing them all. In the end, they were all very excited to taste and see their rainbow cupcakes in the afternoon and couldn’t wait to take it home to share with their families!

Children were also involved in activities that raised their environmental awareness. As the group dig deeper into the effects of pollution and waste into our planet, they extended their learning into segregating waste and disposing them properly. Also, the group had great discussion and also reflection about water pollution. Children displayed empathy and concern on animals that are mostly affected by the actions of humans.

It’s been a great day and we are excited to see Daniel for some music experience in the afternoon.

Have a wonderful afternoon!


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