It’s Wednesday today! The children have had a lovely day playing together and making beautiful artwork!

We kicked off our Wednesday with group time and learning centre! We love to sit down together with our educators to sing songs and read books. Today we learnt more about Australian animals by using visual aids and coloured counters. The children loved talking to each other about the animals 😊 What a great way to expand our vocabulary!

Yoga time! This was a great session where the children followed along to a yoga song and their educator’s instructions. Together, we warmed up our gross motor skills and meditated in ‘Happy Baby’ pose … Leah’s favourite!

The children had so much fun using their fine motor skills to glue and stick and decorate different animals today! We used coloured paper and feathers to decorate our chickens for the farm, and brown paper to decorate our Emus!

And for our Ocean display, we painted dolphins!

Thank you for a delightful day! 😊

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