15th June 2021


Happy Tuesday Magenta Families and welcome back from your long weekend. Hope you have a lovely relaxing time and are refreshed to begin your week.

This morning we started our morning off with a lovely morning tea o assorted crackers and fresh fruit and with the children we continued on with our discussion about how important it is to wash your hands before every meal.

Some of our morning activities were building with the blocks, imaginative play with dress ups and soft music to move to, large obstacle course and car mat play.

During learning centre time we made some cupcakes with Tima for our High Tea Party and all the children were very excited waiting for the part this afternoon.

Whilst making the cupcakes we had a little informal group discussion about who he party was for .

Tima asked the Question “ Do you know who the queen is?”  She is the mummy of a princess.

Isla said “ I am a princess”

Isabella “ I am a princess too”

Isabelle “Tima, I am princess and my grandpa sometimes makes cupcakes for us but sometimes he puts too much sugar in them but i love him”

Olivia” Tima did you know my sisters birthday is today and she is a princess too”

With Alejandra the children made a lovely crown to wear at this afternoon’s party.

Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.

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