Welcome magenta families, it’s a beautiful day with the sun shining on us from the  early morning. The Magenta children created their buildings, homes and picnic spots for their parties. Some of the children were engaged in Legos play making rainbow houses and Lego buildings.

We had show and tell in group time where Isabelle, Edward, Leonardo, Georgia, Elise, came up with their toys, book or drawing to share with friends and their teacher. Isabelle had an amazing book ‘Bluey, let’s play outside’, Leo brought his dragon toy, Georgia and Elise brought drawing made by their sister with her name letters on the top. Edward brought his book about ‘ MAGIC BUS’ in the ocean which also talks about protecting the ocean and appropriate disposal of unwanted material in the ocean.

The room was organized with different activities such as creating ocean play dough with ocean animals to follow up last weeks experience about protecting the ocean. The activity involved exploring sea animals in their natural habitat through ocean colour play dough. The children were involved in associative pay where they were communicating with each other about ocean animals habitat. They kept interacting with each other about the structure, size and colour. In the other table children were engaged in collage where they were using their imagination to create their own cupcakes.

After learning time, the children were encouraged to go outside for gross motor skills and physical movements. Some of the children were engaged in playing soccer whereas some children stayed quiet playing in the cubby house and Legos again. Through transition songs, the children were gathered for another group time, and they were excited to see it was shepherds pie for lunch. At group time we talked about healthy eating habits and how it can affect us. Children were continuously communicating with each other about what can we eat on daily basis and what can we eat on occasionally.

Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.

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