Hola! Our beautiful Crimson Group have had amazing time as we continue activities and discussions about the Ocean and how we can take part in caring for it and for our planet.

The Possum Group have extended their experiences about “sustainability” to oil spill in the ocean. Shoko showed them a book to further discuss the topic. As they went through the pages, children begun to have deeper understanding and also awareness on how chemicals affect the life in the ocean. Following that, they participated in an experiment where they re-enact scenarios of dumping and polluting the ocean using different materials. They also used sponges to remove the oil from the water and was amazed on the results of the experiment.

The Platypus Group also have had similar discussions and children have contributed great ideas and also their thoughts on how to keep the ocean clean such as; not throwing plastic in the ocean, throw the rubbish in the bin and more. Afterwards, they have chosen to engage in sensory playdough experience where they use the story, ‘The Rainbow Fish’ as an inspiration whilst others did painting and also some early literacy and manipulative experiences.

The Kookaburra Group meanwhile, had equally interesting discussion as they revisit their previous learning about caring for the sea life. Everyone shared what they have learnt whilst we added more on to what they know. As the children’s interest and curiosity about “ocean pollution” grows, we watched some eye opening video clips about how the plastics and waste vastly affect the animals and eventually human life. the group also thought of going for an excursion and they wanted to talk more about “sustainability”. Children also made some igloo as an extension of their “water project” using some paper plates.

Have a lovely afternoon, everyone!


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