It was very cold in the morning to play outside. So, we stayed indoors until we finished the morning tea. Then we enjoyed playin in the yard before startin gthe learning centre time.

During group time we discussed about Magenta room’s rules and responsibilities such as loking after our belongings, packing away toys, keeping a drink bottle in the locker, listening to each others etc. It was an interactive group time as all the children added their voicesa and ideas to the list of duties.

After the group time finished, we the children chose activity of their interest. Children were excited to see play dough on the table. Some of them decided to spent quality time interacting with the texture and making lovely things out of play dough. Whilst others played in the home corner, with puzzle and other activities that we extended from Queen’s birthday.

Children were engaged in handprinting Swan for Queen’s birthday. They made a lovley collage by adding eyes and beak for the swan.  Some of the children’s voices were recorded as below.

Isla- We are making swan for Queen’s birthday.

Charlotte- I saw Queen on Tv.

Olivia- It is for my mummy.

Emmeline- I have seen pink swan in cartoon on Tv.

Kavya- I saw black swan in movie.

Isabelle- I saw swan at Peppa pig’s house.

Thomas- I have seen swan on weekend.

Alice- seen swan on tv.

Leo- I have seen swan in book.

Edward- I have seen swan on grass.

It is great to see children communicating with each other during play time.


During lunch time, Charlotte was talking about healthy eating and after a while all children were engaged in conversation about healthy eating habits and healthy foods. The children have great understanding of their environment, experiences, and food they eat.

We had fun celebrating our friend Charlotte’s Birthday. Happy 4th Birthday Charlotte!! We hope you have the best day ! Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow!:)

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