Today we started the group by having a display about our interest and work that we do at home with our family.

Nicholas was the first to show what work does he do at home with dad. He showed his numbers, counting and colouring work.

Teos was next in showing his interest in Buckle gun. He explained, how interactive and complicated it gets when he does buckle gun battle!

Then it was Ryan’s turn to show his new present from dad, as he wanted to tell us about the hour in a day with his new watch.

During learning centre time, the children participated in a group discussion about this week’s interest related to Ocean awareness and what can we do to help to keep the bottom of the ocean clean. Children also demonstrated understanding on how to keep fish and other creatures that live under the ocean safe.

Ideas like “Saving bottles or reusing them and all other recycling things and placing the rubbish in the right bin was one of the many ways discussed to keep the creatures safe.

Children also followed their interest in construction. They made a heist tower, using coloured small dice and Mobilo. A long wooden construction was seen, as we wanted to build a large road that was going away from the city.

As an extension of interest, they also found an alternative to transfer ideas to use other tools and materials, like the use of larger wooden blocks and tubes from the sandpit toys.

Creative inspirations, prewriting and art and craft experiences were also in place as children used their skills to practice their letter recognition on a magnet board.

During the afternoon, we continued our daily routine to have meditation and time to extend on our own interest like practicing drawing, building in the sandpit, and tracing letters, numbers, and shapes.

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