What a wonderful weather today! Emerald children engaged in the group time with teachers, they read stories, sang songs and played with the emotion toys. They had a lot of fun and developed the language skills and social skills at the same time.

This weekend is Violet’s 2 year-old birthday! We had a birthday party in the afternoon tea, and she was excited to blow the candle and had cake with friends!

To promote Emerald children’s gross-motor skills and awareness of their bodies, they participated in the yoga time and dancing time.

We continued the farm animal project with Emerald children, they engaged in the duck art and craft. Teacher emphasized few words during the activity, such as “yellow”, “duck” and “stick”, this helped children to enhancing the language skills and colour concept (early mathematical development).

We also started the winter project today. We talked about the winter weather and made the snow artwork with the pompoms painting. Children demonstrated the age-appropriate fine-motor skills and they were getting the understanding of seasons.

Children interested in the Australia animal book, to extend their interest and motor skills, they engaged in the possum marble painting, they moved their arms up and down to manipulate the marble.

Physical play helped children to promote the gross-motor skills and also provided a joyful time with friends. Furthermore, Emerald children followed their interests and ideas to engage in the free play time, such as sandpit, block building, ball games and animals etc.

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