We started our day in the group time with Ting Ting, Jasmine and Afah. In the group time, Emerald children had opportunities to enhance their social skills by interacting with friends and teachers, as well as developed the language skills by singing and naming pictures.

Emerald children made Yoga poses for butterfly, dog, and crocodile in the yoga time. They demonstrated the age-appropriate gross-motor skills when they were doing different poses, jumping, and stretching.

This morning we danced with Afah. The Emerald children enjoyed dancing on ‘hot potato’, ‘walking walking’, ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and ‘baby shark’. They are becoming confident with their body balance while moving on a dance beat.

During learning centre time, we continued to exted their knowledge on farm animals and winter project. Children showed their interests in painting horse and snowman.  They manipulated the paint brush and created their own masterpiece!

Moreover, we sat up the sensory tray with coloured sand and animals. Children loved to explore the colour sand with their little hands and played the animals and their friends happily!

During the self-select play time, the Emerald children enjoyed the interacting with their friends. They played on the slide, explored the environments, played with the sensory toys, baby dolls, sandpit and magnet toy etc.

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