This morning we had a lovely start to of day with yoga. Stretching up high and bending down low made us all warmed up for the cold morning.

During the group time, children demonstrated age-appropriate concentrate ion and interacted thoughtfully to the open-ended questions.

Children were then engaged in planned activities-matching cards, puzzles decorating crowns were some of their favourites.

During show and tell time, Poppy shared the photos of dancing. She said, “this is my dancing class. I was doing funny clown dance. I like my dancing class.” Well done, Poppy!

We encourage children to share their photos or a special book with everyone. During the show n’ tell time, we scaffold children’s language and help them describe events in more details. We motivate them to use full sentences and maintain eye contact with everyone (the audience) while talking. Standing in front of the group without hesitation is a main purpose of this activity.

Outdoor free play was active and full of laughter.

Children enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed their day.

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