Happy Friday everyone, today the children happily arrived at the Aqua Room ready to explore and play with friends.

Georgia enjoyed was eager to explore the farm animals, she especially liked the pig. She moved him around the farm saying ‘’oink’’, ‘’oink’’.

A group of children joined a teacher to help make some dough for us to play with. They used the colours blue to change the dough to a different colour.

We have been really enjoying the story about the ‘’5 Cheeky Monkeys swinging in a Tree’’. To extend on the children’s interest they made some crocodiles.

We have been talking about the weather and how cold it has got. The children explore different types of weather and today as they spoke about what clothes to wear, they decided they would make some hats and gloves to display.

Outside Henry had fun with the Dino, he made the noise ‘’raorrrrrr’’ as he moved them around.

Bevean enjoyed exploring the baby ducks.

While Zoe enjoyed the book mat.

What a fun filled Friday we had.

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