Welcome back after a rainy weekend. We hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

The children were full of smiles as they returned today. India started the morning with some musical instruments.

Amelia decided she wanted to cook for her friend Nishka.

Nishka shared some news that Amelia visited her house for a play date, and they had lots of fun.

Henry and Isabel enjoyed exploring the farm animals today. They could be heard making all the animal sounds and laughing with each other as they dropped the animals onto the floor.

Morning tea started and the children went independently to wash their hands using soap and water.

Today we have been talking about the colour yellow, so a small group joined Donna to make yellow dough today. the children love to make the dough and will be using science when they learn how much ingredients to put in.

Learning Centre time was so much fun, we sang songs (There is 7 days in a week). We also read and listened to some stories.

After the children joined Carolina at the table to explore Yellow food colouring, they used que tips to make small dots on their paper.

With Komalpreet the children were invited to the mat and to play a game with the parachute, they had to listen and when their name was called, they had to match the ball to the right colour on the parachute. At the of the game Maya hid inside the shoot while the children tried to find her.

Henry enjoyed lying up the twistable crayons.

We would like to welcome Alison to the Aqua group who has started to settle from the Emerald group. Today she was very settled and enjoyed looking and exploring in the room, with Teacher Carolina nearby.

We hope you had a lovely Monday and have a nice evening.

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