Magandang hapon sa lahat (Good afternoon, everyone). It has been raining for the most part of the morning, but the children were able to maximise the learning spaces to continue learning experiences they started last week as well as directing their own play using the resources that the educators have set up in the morning.

The Platypus Group has been showing growing interest on caring for natural environment so the discussion about “ocean pollution” continued. This time, I had shown them photos related to the topic and encouraged the children to describe and reflect on them. Here, children continue to have deeper understanding of the devastating effects of plastics and rubbish to sea life. Later on, they expressed it through creative drawing and painting. They also did some pretend sea clean up and whilst doing so, children were engaged in discussions amongst themselves about what they were doing and have learnt earlier.

The Kookaburra Group started their day by revisiting what they have been learning for the past weeks. Then whilst talking about cold temperature and ice, they came to talking about animals like penguins who live in extreme cold places. They created crafts using coloured papers to make a representation of penguins that they have added on the South Pole region of the project they have started. Whilst doing so, children openly asked questions about the topic to Arturo that created great discussions and sharing of ideas. In addition, children have drawn and cut some fishes and other animals that they also added to their project. They also talked about how to keep the ocean clean of rubbish and plastic.

The Possums Group meanwhile, continued to travel around Australia and decided to stop by the Sunshine state. They had some story telling about Queensland as well as the very famous “Great Barrier Reef”. Then, they discussed about how beautiful and important it is for sea animals and how to take care of them. Afterwards, the children made some corals using pipe cleaners.

Have a lovely afternoon!



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