We started our day off with some inside activities. Some of these activities were play dough, puzzles, reading stories in book corner, and home corner imaginative play. After morning tea, we did group time with our teachers Alejandra and Aman. We encouraged children to share something about their weekend followed by reading stories.

Isla: “I went to the park”

Olivia: “I got tattoos”

Thomas: “I got a haircut”

Leo: “I slept with his daddy”

Alice: “I played in the park”

Georgia: “My mum kiss me in my bed”

Elise: “I went in holidays”

Levi: “I got a haircut and I ride the bike”

Henry: “I played in home with my Mum and Dad”

Charles: “I went to the beach”

Emmeline: “I got scared for the dark and jumped in daddy’s bed”

Elaria shared with us a beautiful pictures about her weekend in the zoo with her sister Sabana.

Olivia shared pictures of friends’ party. They were dancing and singing and had tattoos on their face and body.

The Magenta children enjoys playing games in the yard. So, Aman loved playing hide and seek, chasing game, obstacle course and kicking the ball.

During rest time, children did meditation with Alejandra and after that in the afternoon they had their free play where they chose activities according to their likings.

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