Hello everyone! Today we have started our PT conferences and we would like to thank everyone who came this morning. We will continue it this afternoon and on Thursday.

The Kookaburra Group continued working on their “Water Cycle Project”. They have been working on creating representations of animals that live in extreme cold weathers and were glad to make their own penguins that they have added on the wall display they started. There were also conversations about other animals such as polar bears, foxes, whales and also narwhals. They suggested to Arturo that they would like to create more animal crafts that they want to add on to their group project.

The Platypus Group on the other hand, extended their discussion and activities about caring for the natural environment by understanding how we can help save the trees just like the ocean and sea animals. They made tree crafts using dry leaves and whilst doing so, they have shared ideas on how to preserve the trees such as recycling papers and using them sustainably and responsibly.

The Platypus Group also had equally interesting discussion and activities about our environment. They have talked about how they can show they care for the animals in the ocean. They extended it through sensory play and role play in the sandpit where they created a version of coral reefs and other sea life.

The discussions about environmental awareness continues and we are delighted to see that children begin to develop awareness and empathy for the animals and other living things that are greatly affected by pollution and human actions.

Have a great afternoon!


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