Today started off as a rainy one but that does not stop the Aqua children having fun.

The children arrived with smiles and laughter, it was nice to hear everything about the children’s weekend, Claire was super excited to show pictures of her trip to the snow. Thank you for sharing.

Quinn stated her morning with a number puzzle and did a good job in counting.

Alive and Joey became the Mum’s and patted their babies to sleep.

The sea creatures have been popular this week. India listened for the sea while Henry pretends the shark was eating a dear.

Zoe enjoyed the sea puzzle that was added to the activity today.

Morning tea arrived and the children displayed great independence as they went and washed their hands before they sat to eat.

A group of children joined Karen on the mat to find some objects in the book for her. While a small group put Katherine to sleep, covering her up to keep her warm.

Amelia IW enjoyed the small dinosaur world. She looked in the book to find the matching Dinosaurs.

Group time and the children sat with Donna and Komalpreet to welcome everyone to school. We showed our listening skills and listened to the teacher’s books.

Learning Centre time and the children joined Karen to cut the dough using plastic knifes and to refine their fine motor skills.

Komalpreet and her group are learning about different shapes, they made a collage with lots of our shapes using glue to match them to the right place.

Nicholas pretended to be Trish’s Mum at the home corner and made lunch for her.

Outside with Donna, Maya and Sophia E. put their chair at the gate to say hello to our old Aqua friends at Magenta. While Iris climbed the tree and became a silly Monkey.

What a fun eventful Tuesday at the Aqua Room. Have a lovely evening everyone.

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