It was a cold and rainy day but it did not stop Emerald group children from having fun!

During the group time, the children enjoyed the the combination of action songs as well as songs with picture cards and puppets. It was so good to see children recognising and naming the animals. Singing ‘Brown Bear..brown bear what do you see?’ was the most favourite part of the group time. The children were scaffolded to recognise colours of the animasl. All the group times were very interactive that certainly helped children increase their vocabulary as well as understanding of the world they live in!

As dancing is Emerald group children’s one of the favourite activities, we have now started to include props during this time. It gives an amazing opportunity to children to include props like ribbons, shakers, shapes while dancing and move to the rhythm.

After recognising birds and animals throughout the gorup time, the children painted their very own Cockatoo. This activity for planned for them to also recognise the colour ‘white’ and they simply enjoyed interacting wih the art materials.

Last but not the least, children showed off their matching skills by matching the animal figurines with cards. They were such a wonderful listerners and demonstrated great sharing skills!

With a ‘moo-moo’ here and ‘quack-quack’ there, we spend whole day listening to the animal sounds in Emerald room.

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