Today we were able to spend more time outside. Thanks to the beautiful weather! It is lovely to see children in Emerald room enjoying their day along with achieving their development milestone through various learning experiences. Throughout the day, children participated in various activities such as drawing, painting, dancing, yoga, puzzles, crawling, gluing and sticking. Children are developing their emerging autonomy and sense of agency by interacting with the educators and their peers.

Children in Emerald love dancing in their tutu. It is a vital part of the day where children express their creative skills. All the songs that we dance are selected by the children. Children’s interest is always given the priority. They really enjoyed the dance time! We danced in songs like ‘Here comes the bear’, ‘sleeping bunnies’, ‘ants go marching’, and ‘baby shark’.

During yoga time, children enjoyed doing yoga in the song ‘Skip to my loo’ where they jumped, stretched, balanced and moved their body. It is always so much fun to see the children learning different poses and movement. Children are developing their body awareness, building concentration, increasing their confidence and enhancing their body balancing skills through this experience.

Today children in Emerald room participated in group time with various educators. Children build up important skills such as ‘whole body listening’, increased concentration and active listening skills during group time. We learnt about ‘Australian native animals’ and ‘Farm animals’ during our group time. Not only this children also learnt basic development skills such as turn taking, respecting others, and sharing.

Children had the opportunity to engage in various learning experiences such making their echidna, farm animal craft (sheep) and oral hygiene during the learning centre. Affa talked with the children about why we need to brush our teeth every day. Cindy shared her motion toys with children and they thoroughly enjoyed it. They loved the toy that played the ‘Let it go’ music. Through various activities children developed dispositions such as cooperation, confidence, and imagination.

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