It was a rainy and wet day, but as soon as it stopped raining, we went outside for a little run. It was a good warming up as we also did some spot jogging!

During the group Tima, the children had lots of fun spottng the letters of their name. The children are showing consistent interst in literacy and we have continued to extend their skills in a meanigful ways.

During the news time, children talked about theri weekend, special event as well as shared pictures and books. News time is a great time for the children to build confidence, develop vocabulary as well as memorising past evernts. We would like to request families to please not send toys for the news time as children are not able to explain much about it. And this restricts a possibility of healthy discussion.

We continued to built their understnding on how to protect ocean and it’s animals (from the project of World Ocen Day). Tima made beautiful play dough with children. They suggested to make blue paly dough – representing hte ocean- and loved playing with teh sea animal figurines with play dough.

The children also polished their fine motor as well as cognitive skills by gluing confetti onto top of their printed names.

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