We were all happy and grateful that we had a beautiful weather this morning. We have missed spending some time engaging in outdoor games and activities that’s why we have maximised the time today to catch up with those and integrate other areas of children’s learning.

Some of the Crimson children have initiated soccer play amongst themselves and encouraged Amol to play with them. This way, they learnt to cooperate with each other and follow the rules they have created together. Children also had the opportunity to discover their strengths and skills as well as strengthen their body. The game also provided a chance to not just to utilise their fundamental skills but also improve on their balance, agility and flexibility. In the end, everyone was a good sport and happy that they have worked together harmoniously.

Children also spent some time getting involved with creative arts such as drawing, painting and making a collage by cutting strips of coloured papers and old magazines. As they went along, they had the chance to openly express their ideas whilst exploring colours and their fine motor skills.

Some of them had also spent a great time building and creating different structures using magnetic tiles, mobilos and legos which encouraged their creativity, focus and concentration, problem solving and inclusion. They were happy to welcome others to share the resources and take part on their own work.


We will be handing out “Family Input Sheet” from today and we strongly encourage parents to share any goal/s you would like us to work with for the next couple of months. You can also include your child’s interest at the moment so we can integrate that into our program. We greatly value your feedback and suggestions so please feel free to speak to any of the team members or send an email if you have any question or comment.

Thank you!


Have a great day!

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