Good afternoon families

Welcome back to one more exciting day in here at BBC. Our day started with Yoga. Our children sang good morning songs, alphabet songs with Tima and followed by reading some books chosen by our children during group time.


Book “The Tiger Who Come to tea” by Judith Kerr


Children were posed with the question: if a tiger came to your house and ate all your dinner, where would you go out for dinner?


Kavya: “ It’s my favourite book”, “chips, nuggets and cake order for dinner.”

Charlotte: “ Mmmm I would go for pasta,” Chicken and chips”

Leo:” I got the tiger book on the TV,”  I like pizza”

Charles: “I would  go for pasta”

Alice: “ Pasta”

Thomas: ‘CAKE’

Olivia: “ pasta, Ice cream”.

Isla: “ fish and chips”.

Luca:” Pasta”, “ Birthday cake for dinner”

Isabelle: “Mmm spaghetti”


Show and tell

Isla – “ I got bunny”

Charlotte- “ Why did you bring it, Isla”?

Isla- “To play”

Tima- “What does bunny eat ?”

Charles-“Bunny eat a carrot”

Olivia – “I got Olaf from frozen”

With Daniel, the children enjoyed learning and making collage inside the shape

Charlotte, Kavya, Isla and Alice in the Book corner. They made a Holiday car and going to the beach to live in a Holiday house.

Charles sitting on a chair and asking friends to come and sit on the mat it is group time.

Thomas with musical instrument singing Good Morning song.

During rest time, our children did a meditation with Daniel, and after that, in the afternoon they had their free play where they chose activities according to their likings


Have a lovely evening and see you tomorrow!!



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