Dear Aqua Family, hope you all are enjoying warm-sunny day.

Our morning started with such a good demonstration of teamwork by our friends Amelia, Nishka and Pasha. They used their social skills to corporate and build Burns Bay Cottage together. They built Crimson and Aqua room and mentioned that they would love Burn Bay Cottage’s building to be taller.

Likewise, Zoe waited and enjoyed building her own house for Celina and Amelia.

Outside, Isabel and Henry engaged in a play where they pretended to become Old Macdonald and took their farm animals for a walk. Similarly, Zoe read books and waited for Celina to finish her morning tea and Isabelle was engaged in making beautiful flowers for her mum.

And special thanks to Frank for always preparing such a delicious and healthy meals for us. 😊

It was fun learning the direction of win blowing in literacy time with Durshi. Most of the children were able detected wind direction based on tree leaves’ motion. Smart children!

Isla, Molly, Pasha and Isabelle participated in memory games with Carolina enhancing their memory skills. Isla was able to spot fish cards whilst Molly found kite cards very quickly. Well Done!

Alegria, William, Annabel and Isabelle enjoyed cutting and preparing cupcakes using scissors and knives. -This allowed them to facilitate their fine motor skills.

Nicholas showed his peers that he could easily touch leaves of the tree and celebrated his achievement with a smile and jumps.

The day was fun and children enjoyed keeping themselves busy by exploring room.

Happy Friday dear families and have a great weekend.

Stay Safe!

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