Hello, Crimson families. We were worried that it would rain today but the sun peeked out and all the children were happy!!!!!!!


At group time, all the children gathered on the mat and we reviewed Crimson rules and routines. Children were encouraged to drink water and go to the bathroom if needed.


After that, it was learning centre time.

Children who decided to stay inside engaged in literacy game. The children recognised the letters on the cards and found the matching cards. Each time they found a pair, the children cheered and looked very happy. Some of the children were still learning to recognise the letters, but with the help of the other children, they were able to take an active part in the game. After finished the game, some children enthusiastically built a supercar or a rocket ship with Mobillo while other children enjoyed cutting the shapes. It was the perfect way to enhance their fine motor skills!!!


Children who decided to spend time on the deck enjoyed various activities. Several of the activities were related to projects to protect the sea environment and sea animals. Some of them demonstrated their manipulation skills to create coral with pipe cleaners. Whist, other children enjoyed the texture of playdough and sea animals. The train track was a big hit. Children used the trial and error method to connect tracks together while actively exchanging ideas with their peers.


In the afternoon, Ms Sarah came for the Fit and Funky program. The children participating in this additional programme are very much looking forward to her arrival. Today they did yoga, danced, sang songs together and did a variety of gross motor activities. Everyone had a great time.



Thank you for lovey Thursday. See you tomorrow!!


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