Welcome to another fun and exciting week in Burns Bay Cottage! As we have been put in lockdown just recently and new restrictions have come up due to coronavirus spread, we thought of having timely discussions about the current situation in our community.

The educators had encouraged the children to share what they know about the lockdown rules at the moment and children had verbalised their thoughts with the group.

Oscar, “If you’re sick stay at home. Be fair to others who are doing the right thing.”

Julia, “You cannot go outside to play.”

Arda, “You can buy food at the shops.”

Joshan, “Cover your mouth when you cough.”

Teos, “You need to stay in your house because of coronavirus.”

Children had effectively shown their awareness about what’s happening in our community by sharing what they have been discussing at home. As continue, we also spoke about proper handwashing by singing “Happy Birthday” twice. Oscar added and said, “Or count to 20!”

We have made emphasis during discussions how important it is to do social distancing, hand washing and other necessary hygiene practices to keep ourselves and others safe.

In addition, children created poster that says, “Have you washed your hands?” with their handprints that we will display in room to remind others and each other to wash or sanitise hands before entering the premises.

Afterwards, children have had a chance to practise public speaking by sharing what they have done during the weekend. The educators facilitated the experience, and everyone enjoyed having time to speak, share and be heard whilst the group was encouraged to show respect to the person talking.

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