The Emerald children started the day with group time this morning with Cindy, Affa and Afroz. We started our day by dancing with Sandra. Children had an amazing time moving their body to the music. They love dancing to ‘Five Cheeky Monkeys’ and ‘Hot Potato’.

During group time with Affa, MeiTing and Cindy, we sang many nursery rhymes and read various stories. Some of the stories that we read today were ‘The Green Sheep’, ‘Spot Goes For a Walk’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Children also interacted with the puppets and sang ‘Old MacDonald’ together.

Children loved today’s yoga with Ekta. They joined in with this experience after their group time. They enjoyed being a ‘tall tree’ by stretching their body as tall as possible. They jumped, stretched and rolled during yoga time which helped to develop their balance and gross motor skills.

During learning center, children participated in drawing Dingo as a part of our ‘Australian Native Animal project’. They loved matching the toy farm animals with their pictures as a part of our ‘Farm Animal’ project and the children enjoyed playing with balls by putting them in the tunnel.

In the free play time, children were engaged in various activities such as playing in the sand pit, playing with motion toys, wooden blocks and having a tea party in the home corner.

Children also enjoyed the bubble experience. They loved chasing the bubbles and popping them. Bubble movements can assist with developing children’s hand eye coordination.

Overall children had wonderful day with various developmental experiences!!

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