Happy Friday!

Emerald children enjoyed the sunny day with friends and teachers!

We had group time with Ekta, Jasmine and Afroz. We played with the emotional toys, puppets, listening stories and singing. Emerald children is developing the social skills (taking turns), language skills (stories and singing) and concentration in the group time.

Guess who I am!? The Emerald children were excited to wear the bunny mask and let their friends guess who they are, they hopped like a bunny and play with their friends.

In the dancing time, Emerald children showed their gross-motor skills to jump, crawl, walk, bend their bodies with the music. They enjoyed with dancing baby shark, hot potatoes, here comes the bear.

Emerald children engaged in the daily yoga section, they stretched their arms and legs, and wiggled their bodies to become a tall tree, doggy and froggy etc. Yoga helped children to develop the gross-motor skills, imagination skills and persistence.

In the learning centre, children showed their strong muscle to throw the balls through the hula hoop. They got the balls from the floor, looked at the target and threw! They got it! Hooray!

Moreover, Emerald children had opportunity to show their creativity in the free painting on the big cardboard. They held the painting brush and put the paints on it, they demonstrated the age-appropriate fine-motor skills and creativity.

To continue the farm animal project, today children were participated in the playdough with farm animal toys activity. They were excited to manipulate the animal and make the foot prints on the playdough, this helped the children to develop the positive disposition such as curiosity and creativity.

In the free-selected play time, children engaged in different activities, such as construction play, sandpit play, reading, home corner, office dramatic play etc.

Emerald children had a fun and joyful Friday!

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