Happy Monday and welcome back to the Emerald room! We hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are keeping safe at home 😊

The children have had a lovely day together. We kicked off the week with group time. Everyone sat down with different educators to participate in games, nursery rhymes, finger puppets and stories! We love group time because it gives the children opportunities to enhance their speech and language!

Today the children decided they would much rather play ‘Ring ‘O Ring ‘O Roses’ than yoga. But that’s ok because we can still engage the same gross motor skills that we use during yoga to promote physical development! Well done everyone 😊

The children loved keeping busy on this rainy day with lots of drawing activities where they were able to practice their fine motor skills and make lovely artwork!

We had a lot of fun exploring the farm and the farm animals! The children love to sing ‘Old MacDonald’ and make lots of animal noises!

Throughout the day, the children showed off their tower building skills with different types of blocks available. We love building tall towers and knocking them down!

What a marvellous day!

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