Happy Friday!!!!!!

We welcome you to the last day of the week. This morning we had a lovely start our day with yoga in the garden and lovely morning tea. This morning during group we sung our good morning and welcoming song with educators.

Today we discussed about COVID 19

Daniel explained children about hand washing procedure. and when Daniel asked children what they know about Coronavirus:

Charlotte said “Washing hands and using mask.”

Kavya said “We need to wash hands to make it clean before and after having morning tea.

Sunera read the book Isabelle brought today for show and tell            “ The Owl and Pussy cat”. In this book the owl and the pussycat get married so after finishing the book Georgia said “ We kiss people when we love them and cuddle them”.  Afterward, the children draw Owl and Pussycat.

Daniel engaged children in physical activity. He set up obstacle course to continued to learn about balancing, coordination,  problem solve skills , teamwork and strengthening their muscles. Children had fun during this active play. Overall it was physical workout.

Children’s voices:

Isaac and Henry ;”We are lying down and looking sun” ( under the tree)

Charlotte, Georgia, Kavya, Isla, Isabelle, Alice  came together and started singing  Ring-a-Ring- Roses to facilitate their social and physical skills. By this they build their friendship and treated everyone with respect and care. They love moving around in the circle together and falling down on the ground.

Addison showing his stunts to his peers and educators.

Olivia at the drawing table” I am drawing a big snail”

Hope you have a lovely weekend and see you all Monday

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