It’s Tuesday! The weather has been rather cold and wet and the children have been learning about what warm clothes to wear for the season 😊

Of course, our morning started with group time! A special time of the day where the children sit down with their educators and sing songs, read books and have meaningful conversations. Today we talked about what clothes to wear to keep us warm and Robyn showed the children photos of her trip to Perth, mostly photos of Quokkas!

We exercised our gross motor skills during yoga this morning! The children loved to move their bodies to the music and explore different animal poses.

MeiTing and the children used warm clothes like a woolly hat and scarf to dress her friend Tigger for the cold weather! The children had so much fun and enjoyed expanding their vocabularies with words like ‘hat’, ‘scarf’ and ‘warm’!

The children loved looking at photos of Quokkas with Robyn and then painting their very own Quokka with brown paint and shaving foam … it was very fitting with our ‘Australian Animal’ project!

Even with the rainy weather, these Emerald children still know how to have fun! They enjoyed playing with playdough, exploring the sand pit and building towers with the wooden blocks 😊

Thank you to Claire and Ryan for bringing in a delicious treat for Marshmallow!

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